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About Us

Since 1994 Oxidos has been producing handmade clocks in Bogotá, Colombia. They began as a small operation, utilizing their passion and creativity to create colourful works of art from recycled metals. Local artisans use their hands to craft a unique vision and attitude into each individual clock.

Oxidos workshop in Bogotá, Colombia

Oxidos is committed in maintaining strong ethical values and sustainable business practices. Artisans create eco-friendly clocks is an open-space facility. Oxidos provides over thirty fair-wage jobs to local workers and is dedicated in supporting a socially responsible work environment.

Oxidos workshop in Bogotá, Colombia

Oxidos Canada is a Canadian company which is strongly dedicated to providing the most polite, convenient and reliable service to all of our customers across Canada.  We have been operating for over ten years in the Canadian ecommerce industry and understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise while conducting business across ten provinces, three territories, and two languages.  We take pride in our reputation at Oxidos Canada, and will ensure that you are completely satisfied with both our quality products and our attentive customer service. 

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